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Take Stock in Children – Orange and Osceola Counties

$3,500,000 Invested

For more than twenty-five years, Take Stock in Children (TSIC) has offered low-income students the resources they need to graduate from high school and achieve a postsecondary degree. The TSIC program has facilitated the college-completion goals of thousands of students.

While TSIC has seen amazing success, Helios Education Foundation sought to reshape the potential of Take Stock in Children by investing $3,500,000 in a regional scale pilot targeted to serve students in Orange and Osceola Counties.

A portion of Helios’ investment was used to develop a methodology for selecting students and assigning scholarships driven by data science. The science of predictive analytics empowers Take Stock in Children to serve a greater number of students while most effectively steering scholarship funds toward students with the highest probability of achieving success under the TSIC model.

Clearly outlining the profile of a highly-successful student is not only impactful for Take Stock in Children, it provides insight for educators to then share with students who, themselves, seek to improve their potential of postsecondary success.

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