Reshaping Individuals

FUSE Scholarship

$1,000,000 Invested

Ensuring students connect potential to limitless possibilities is a combination of both access to resources and opportunities. FUSE, a synergistic program between state colleges and the University of South Florida, provides both.

FUSE enhances Florida’s 2+2 articulation agreement by guaranteeing FUSE graduates who complete a two-year associates degree at a participating state college not only acceptance to the University of South Florida, but acceptance directly into the major of their choice. FUSE graduation pathways provide a clear curriculum roadmap for students seeking a postsecondary degree. These pathways are tied to workforce projections, ensuring students graduate with in-demand degrees that are valued by the workforce.

In order to ensure students make the most of this opportunity, Helios Education Foundation, in partnership with USAmeriBank (now Valley Bank) seeded a scholarship for FUSE students that provides the financial resources to keep them on track toward timely graduation.