Through our Arizona Latino Student Success and Florida Regional Student Success Initiatives, Helios Education Foundation is working to ensure that all students, but especially low-income, underrepresented, and first-generation students, succeed across the education continuum and complete some form of postsecondary education, whether a college degree or a high-quality certificate or credential.

Utilizing four key strategies (Strategic Investing, Building and Reforming Systems, Public and Political Will Building, and Collaborating and Convening), we are working to impact the systems that affect student success. In 2017, we developed comprehensive policy agendas in both Arizona and Florida and expanded our public and political will building activity to advance education reform in Arizona and Florida.

Arizona Public Policy

Arizona’s economic prosperity is linked to the success of all students, but especially Latino students who represent the largest percentage of our K-12 public school population.

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Florida Public Policy

Our fundamental belief in collaboration and partnership has led Helios to identify public policy priorities that complement partner organizations in order to support the postsecondary degree completion needs of first-generation, minority, and underrepresented students.

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Program Administration and Organizational Learning

Closing the education achievement gap for first-generation, minority, and underrepresented students is an outcome dependent upon multiple inputs. The ability to leverage research and learn from best practices is crucial.

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