Vince Roig Message from the Founding Chairman

Equity. Possibility. Opportunity. Three words that define my perspective related to students in Arizona and Florida. As I think about the work of Helios Education Foundation, and specifically, this past year, I realize how important our perspective is to helping determine our strategy.

The reality is that our perspective, our viewpoint, and our values, influence everything we do. So, it only makes sense that we think about how to articulate our perspective and illustrate it through the following pages, the ways in which it has led to increased investment, heightened commitment to policy change, and expanded advocacy for education in Arizona and Florida.

Over the past 15 years, our focus has not changed – we have remained committed to creating opportunities for individuals to succeed in postsecondary education. However, we have refined our strategies and expanded our reach. In addition, we have become more focused on sharing our perspective with others – through our policy work and our efforts to build public and political will.

2018 was an exciting year for Helios Education Foundation. We have invested more than $17 million into education programs and initiatives. We broke ground and made significant progress on our new Arizona home – the Helios Education Campus. We continued to raise our voice for policies that we believe will move education forward in Florida and Arizona. And we continued to focus on equity as our north star.

As our work has expanded, it has also grown more complex and intricate. However, complexity won’t deter us. We will remain diligent and focused on our overarching goal. Our students deserve equity. They deserve possibility. They are our opportunity.

Thank you for your partnership and support as we collectively work on behalf of Arizona and Florida students.