Michelle Boehm

Analytics and Evaluation Director

Claudia Clair

Executive Assistant to the Founding Chairman and the Chief Operating Officer

Braulio Colón

Vice President, Florida Student Success Initiatives

Tina DeNicole

Vice President, Finance & Administration

Georgette De Salvo

Administrative Assistant

Brenda Gatewood

Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer

Rob Hosch

Technology Director

Rebecca Lindgren

Vice President, Marketing

Jennifer Mariscal

Administrative Support Assistant

Grace Maseda, APR

Vice President, Marketing

Noel McClain

Human Capital and Workplace Operations Director

Erika Morse

Grants Management Director

Julie Norwood

Director of Program Services

Karen J. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Vice President, Early Grade Success Initiatives

Patricia Palicz


Janice Palmer

Vice President and Director of Policy

Sergio Paris

Media Relations Specialist

Paul G. Perrault, Ph.D.

Vice President of Research and Evaluation

Janice Pilkenton

Executive Assistant

Cathy Pomeroy

Senior Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Sanchez

Senior Administrative Assistant

Grace Smith Kaus

Program Director

Nicolle Turner

Program Associate

Sissi Villamizar

Program Associate